Reflector M17-KPH

IPv6 None
UDP Port 17000
Modules Enabled S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Modules with
Encryption Support
Sponsor KN6SF
Country United States of America

M17-KPH is part of the KAPIHAN Network, a multilingual multi-mode worldwide digital amateur radio system consisting of linked TGIF Network & FreeDMR TGs, Wires-X Room, YSF, FCS, XLX, P25,NXDN, M17, Peanut, DVSwitch HUC, AllStarLink, Hamshack Hotline and Echolink—connecting licensed amateur radio operators worldwide.


Dashboard Version 0.4.4-dc0d042
MREFD Version 0.11.3-dht
Sysop Email [email protected]

Status: Up 

Last 5 Stations Heard

Callsign Suffix Via On Module When
DX9BC D DX9BC S 16 minutes ago
DX8H D DX8H X 16 minutes ago
DX2BSP D DX2BSP P 16 minutes ago
KN6SF D WH0ACI V 16 minutes ago
DX3T D DX3T Q 16 minutes ago